Installing landscape beds is a big investment and helps to increase curb appeal at your home or business. But with that installation comes the need to protect your investment. 

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to protect your landscaping is by adding in mulch or rock ground cover. Your landscape beds can benefit from mulch in many ways, and here are three reasons your landscaping in Midland, MI needs mulch or rock ground cover.

1. Mulch & Rock Help to Prevent Soil Erosion

This landscaping bed in Freeland uses rock ground cover for protection.

In our area of Michigan, we receive around 32 inches of rain per year and about 40 inches of snow. When the rain runs off and snow melts away, it takes your soil with it. In landscape beds, this is a particular concern especially when you have spent money to get the soil fertilized and treated for weeds. 

By installing mulch or rock, the soil in your landscaping can be protected from this erosion. Mulch helps to ensure that the soil stays in place, preventing it from eroding away during wet weather.

2. Mulch Keeps Soil Insulated & Retains Moisture with Proper Placement

When temperatures fluctuate, it can negatively affect the health of your plants. A good step to keep this from happening is to make sure your soil is insulated from these temperature changes. In Midland, we see temperatures reach down into the negatives in the winter and climb to the mid-80s in summer. 

Mulching is a good way to protect your soil from being affected by temperature changes. For example, if a late frost were to hit, it could help to protect plant roots from being affected by the cold. 

Adding ground cover also helps to retain moisture in the soil and keep water from evaporating too quickly.

3. Mulch & Rock Work to Stop Weed Growth

This landscaping bed in Saginaw uses mulch to protect plants.

Another benefit of mulch in landscape beds is that both mulch and rock work to stop weed growth. The ground cover blocks light, air, and water from reaching the areas where weeds would be growing. To stop weed growth completely, it's recommended to still apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment before the growing season begins. 

Mulch typically should be replenished once a year, while rock should be replenished every two years. Adhering to recommended replenishment schedules gives you and your landscape beds the best possible weed control results from mulching. Typically, mulch and rock should be refreshed sometime in the spring to keep plants protected throughout spring and summer and into the fall and winter months.

Do your landscape beds need mulch or rock ground cover?

At Tri-City Property Maintenance, we can install mulch and rock ground cover at your home or business in Midland, MI. 

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