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Decorative river rock has been installed in this landscape bed in Saginaw, MI.

Mulch & Rock Installationin the Midland, MI Area.

We provide new installation and refreshing of landscape bed mulch and rock to insulate your soil, help prevent weed growth, and stop soil erosion.

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Our mulch and rock services are offered annually for the health of your landscaping beds in the Midland, MI community.

Decorative rock and mulch will help keep your plants alive and thriving while providing a finished look for your landscape beds.

Cedar mulch has been installed on either side of the stairway of this Midland property.

Whether you prefer mulch or rock in your landscaping beds, both of them are vital to the survival of your property's landscaping. Mulch and rock provide a finished look to your outdoor design and are critical to ensuring the plants you invested in for your landscaping stay alive and thriving.

At Tri-City Property Maintenance, we offer a variety of decorative rock and mulch options that will bring your landscaping to life. Our services are provided annually around the Midland, MI area.

We provide mulch and rock services to both commercial and residential properties. For a personalized quote, please call us at 989-249-3484.

Benefits of Having Mulch or Rock in Your Landscape Beds

Each component that goes into a landscaping design is intended to work together to create a cohesive and natural environment that enhances your home or business. When it comes to landscaping design, mulch or rock is always thought through and meant to be a low-maintenance part of your landscaping.

What are the major benefits behind laying a ground covering and maintaining its 2-3" depth? One benefit is that they control weeds from growing in your beds. They also assist in preventing soil erosion around your property, while also insulating the soil.

Rock and mulch both support the soil in staying cool during the hotter months and warm during the cold months.

Working with a professional company like ours ensures your ground covering is evenly dispersed, while also preserving the beauty and health of the landscaping beds.

How Often Mulch Is Refreshed & Which Mulches Are Popular

Cedar mulch pile about to be installed in Midland, MI.

Generally, we suggest refreshing your mulch on an annual basis. This is especially important when using organic mulches, which bring added nutrients to your soil and help your plants grow stronger.

In Midland, MI both commercial and residential customers will find these to be the most popular mulches to choose from:

  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Black, red, or gold dyed mulch

Our professionals will help you select the mulch that will best complement your property and your landscaping plant choices.

When to Replenish Rock & Popular Options

Small river rocks accompanying larger ones in a Midland landscape bed.

Rock replenishment is done less frequently than mulch, but should still be professionally installed bi-annually. Rock lacks the organic nutritional qualities that most mulch carry, however, it gives a beautiful aesthetic to any property that uses it, while still helping the plants and soil in the landscaping beds.

In our local region of Michigan, the following options are popular rock choices for both commercial and residential properties:

  • Cobblestone
  • Beach pebble
  • River rock
  • Fieldstone
  • White marble

Whether you are new to using rock on your property or looking to replenish your existing landscaping stone, let us know how we can help make that happen for you.

Call for a quote on mulch or rock ground covering installation.

At Tri-City Property Maintenance, our expert landscapers are trained to handle any property large or small when it comes to mulch or rock installation. Both commercial and residential customers in the Midland, MI area can easily replenish or replace their landscaping material with us at any time.

For quotes, questions, or a consultation, give us a call today at 989-249-3484. Keep your ground covering up-to-date and see the difference in the health of your plants and the curb appeal of your property!

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