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Neatly trimmed bushes in landscape beds.

Landscape Trimmingin the Midland, MI Area.

Our experienced team will provide you with landscape trimming services that are designed to improve the aesthetics of your landscape plants or remove unwanted plants from your property.

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Property owners in the greater Midland, MI area can take advantage of our nearly 20 years of experience for their landscape trimming needs.

Our hard-working team can work to trim your plants as well as remove any unwanted bushes or shrubs.

Shrubs in Midland, MI that have been trimmed by Tri-City Property Maintenance team members.

Plants are just like people--they need maintenance to stay healthy! Our company has spent the last 20 years providing excellent service and has learned a thing or two about proper landscape trimming.

At Tri-City Property Maintenance, we have a keen eye for trimming your plants in a way that maintains their health and also looks beautiful. Bring our honest, hardworking team to your property in the Midland area of Michigan.

Regular Trimming Is Important for Maintaining Shape, Size, & Overall Health

Most homeowners can spot an out of shape bush, shrub, or ornamental plant when they pull into their driveway. The disheveled look that neglected hedge lines and bushes have when not properly trimmed becomes a real eyesore. Let us take care of things!

We trim the following plants:

  • Shrubs
  • Bushes
  • Hedges
  • Small Trees

On top of the clean and tidy look, regular landscape trimming provides several benefits:

  • Shape - We make hedge lines clean and flush, and reshape bushes and other plants.
  • Size - Clipping/pruning specific branches allows for healthy growth and helps to prevent interference with other plants, homes, fences, and walkways.
  • Overall Health - Keeping branches at the appropriate length and density allows the plant to breathe and allows water and light to be absorbed better.

How Often Trimming Services Are Performed & Common Plants in Our Area

Well maintained landscape bed in Midland, MI with decorative rocks and trimmed plants.

We have a full schedule of clients throughout Midland, MI who enjoy our seasonal mowing service. Many of them choose to add on our landscape trimming service to round out their lawn care needs. It’s best to provide a full trimming for your property roughly 2 to 3 times per year.

Some plants we commonly see in our area include:

  • Red Chokeberry
  • Berberis
  • Black Knight
  • Arctic Fire
  • Hummingbird
  • Buxus (Boxwood)

Regardless of which plants you have on your property, our team knows the appropriate method for trimming.

The timing of each visit is set to encourage healthy growth during the prime growing season and before your plants go into dormancy during the winter.

Call today to schedule our landscape trimming services!

At Tri-City Property Maintenance, we’ve built a solid reputation for performing our landscape trimming services with punctuality and professionalism. Our team always arrives in a company-marked vehicle with our logo clearly visible. Our pros wear uniforms so you know who we are!

Call 989-249-3484 today to schedule a consultation and to be added to our schedule for the Midland, MI area.

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