Many tasks are necessary to keep your landscaping plants looking healthy and happy, including proper fertilization, weed control, mulching, and more.

One of those tasks is keeping the plants trimmed. This helps to keep plants having a polished appearance all year long. In the Midland area of Michigan, it’s recommended to have plants trimmed at least 2-3 times per year.

Here are some reasons why it’s crucial to make sure plants are trimmed properly and frequently at your residential or commercial property.

Trimming Allows for Inspection of Plant Branches & Leaves for Any Health Issues

These plants in Freeland have just been trimmed.

Plants are susceptible to diseases and insect infestation and the best way to prevent them is by being proactive. When plants are trimmed, it gives us at Tri-City Property Maintenance a chance to examine them for any signs of common fungal diseases or insect invasions. Catching these early means it’s easier to get rid of it and stop it from spreading to other plants in your landscaping beds.

Insects can rapidly invade a plant and destroy its appearance. Common insects that can kill off plants include types of borers and beetles.

Some diseases can kill your plants quickly, so we recommend regularly inspecting plants for any wilting or spots on leaves.

Regular Trimming Helps Increase the Overall Plant Health & Appearance

Trimming landscape plants also allows our team to remove any dead, diseased, or dying branches that can be negatively affecting the plant. These branches could be taking up nutrients that could be going to the healthy areas of the plant.

It also helps the plant as it grows throughout its life, especially when it’s younger. It helps the overall structure and gives it a chance to grow correctly. A plant that grows out of its healthy shape can weaken and have less of an ability to fight off disease and insects.

Plant branches also grow erratically from time to time. Trimming makes sure those branches are snipped back so that the plant looks like it’s well-maintained. This helps at both residential and commercial properties since the outside of your property is the first thing people see. It makes a good overall impression on customers, friends, and family if your exterior looks great.

Trimming Helps to Protect Your Property

These plants at a Saginaw business have been left untrimmed.

If plants are allowed to grow unchecked, their branches could end up growing close to your home or business. Branches can scratch walls and windows, and vine plants can grow in such a way that they begin to separate siding from the wall.

With trimming, we are able to work to make sure these branches do not damage your property or siding.

Do you need landscape trimming for your property?

At Tri-City Property Maintenance, we are a professional crew with many years of experience in Midland, MI. We can perform quality landscape trimming to help make sure your plants stay healthy and look great. Give us a call at 989-249-3484 to set up an estimate and to discuss the needs of your residential or commercial property.