Most of us have spent a Saturday afternoon drenched in sweat, with a nose full of dust, pushing or riding a mower across the lawn. There’s something very satisfying about a great looking yard, but looks are not the only reason why your lawn in Midland, MI needs routine mowing.

Regular mowing serves many purposes, including tidy looks, maintaining grass health, eliminating pests, and clearing debris.

Routine mowing provides a tidy, orderly look.

A lawn with mowing stripes in Saginaw, MI.

The most obvious benefit of routine mowing is a tidy looking yard. Even the most pristine homes will look unkempt if the grass is overgrown. A proper mowing job cuts every blade to the same length, creating a blanket-like appearance of thick, green grass. After a proper mow, the grass will be easier to walk on and more fun for children at play.

Mowing helps maintain healthy grass.

If you’ve ever seen a neglected field with tall grass, you know how random the growth becomes. Weeds take root and begin to dominate with the result being an uneven, tangled mess.

Without regular mowing, it’s impossible to maintain healthy, green grass. Professional crews know to follow the 1/3 rule, which states that grass should only be cut short enough to leave at least 1/3 of the blade intact. It’s important to leave enough surface area for photosynthesis to take place or the grass will suffer.

With all blades cut to a reasonable height, nutrients are more evenly distributed throughout your lawn for better growth.

Mowing causes lawn pests to scatter or die, which reduces the insect population.

This yard in Saginaw has anthills that could be eliminated with routine mowing.

Like all animals, insects need food and shelter. Their homes are often made in between the blades of your grass or in your soil. When a mower is run over the grass, high-speed air is swept around, wreaking havoc on the insect population. Neatly trimmed grass provides less food for bugs and disturbs the soil just enough to scare them away.

Anthills are usually destroyed during mowing, and other critters will find a better place to spend their time. The overall effect is the reduction of pests in your yard, which leads to a more enjoyable time outdoors.

Small debris is cleared during regular mowing.

Another great benefit of mowing is that the mower helps to clear small debris. Larger commercial mowers will chop up just about anything in their path, including sticks, leaves, and moss. The clippings and debris can then easily be blown clear for the perfect look.

Many smaller mowers actually suck leaves and debris into the attached leaf bag. The bag is then emptied, leaving behind nothing but neatly clipped grass. Other mowers will blast the clippings onto the surface of the lawn, providing it with nutrient-rich, organic feed. With either type of mower, the process is far easier on your back then walking through your property picking up small sticks and plant debris.

Our professional crew at Tri-City Property Maintenance can make sure your lawn is mowed at the proper height, clear debris from your grass, and inspect for signs of insect infestation.

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